Editor's Score 4.4
  • Fast entry and execution of trades due to the ability to place a number of orders at once.
  • A favorites column to allow easy movement from one currency pair to the other.
  • The ability to share snapshots of current trades with other traders.
  • The platform is user unfriendly to beginners due to the large number of prompts on the platform.
  • The platform lacks a large arsenal of training tools on how to use the platform. Most people may fumble on how to use the platform effectively.
  • A limited number of custom indicators due to the development language of the platform.
O/S Compatibility
Windows, IOS, Android
Charting & Tools
Social Trading
  • cAlgo
  • cMirror
  • Demo Account



cTrader is an all-inclusive trading platform that caters to the needs of CFD and forex brokers. The platform has a wide range of features that cater to the needs of a trader at any given moment. Its interface is easy to use and has the diversity to cater for any investment preference. cTrader was founded in 2010 by a firm known as Spotware Systems. The firm is well known for its contribution to the brokerage industry by developing scores of software to be used in trading. The software is offered to a large number of online brokers and CFD traders all around the world. cTrader is a suite of platforms that are used to carry out different forms of trading. cAlgo and cMirror are platforms on the cTrader suite where cAlgo is used to carry out automated trading whereas cMirror is used to carry out copy trading. The suite has a desktop version as well as a web based version and a mobile phone version. The cTrader platform is used as a third party tool for manual traders as well as algorithmic traders. The platform has a very attractive look to it so as to give the traders a nice feel when using it. The platform is also easy to use and has a degree of intuition about it. In the developer’s words, the platform was designed for traders by traders.

Ease Of Use

The platform has an appealing look to it so traders can trade comfortably. The interface of the platform is much softer and makes it easier to use for long hours. Most traders are looking at their screens for the larger part of the day and most of the week. It therefore becomes essential for traders to be very comfortable due to the large number of hours that they sit in front of their screens.

The platform also provides users with a demo account where they can have access to virtual money to trade without the fear of loss. The platform enables users to share snapshots of the charts that they are using in just a matter of moments. This is a key feature especially when trading as a group because one needs not move to get a clear picture of what is being done by the rest of the group.


The platform can be operated on a computer that has a minimum of 2GB RAM, Windows Vista, an Internet speed of 10kb/sec, 100 MB HDD space and a Dual Core CPU. However, the recommended specs are a 4GB RAM, Windows 7/8, 10kb/sec Broadband Internet connection, 1GB HDD space and a Dual Core CPU. If the computer shows some type of delay, then other applications should be switched off and other charts that are not in use closed.


The tools in play on the platform are very thorough and easy to use. cTrader has the ability to have multiple charts as well as a single chart on its interface. The charts can either be placed neatly aside each other or one chart can fill the whole chart area and then the user can switch between the different charts available to them. Also, any given chart can be detached and placed on its own separate window apart from the other charts. The detached chart creates a tab on the taskbar making it easier for the user to refer to it when need be.

Available Tools

Besides the cAlgo platform mentioned above, the platforms offers cMirror. The cMirror platform is a tool that allows traders to copy other people’s trades. Spotware Systems introduced a concept known as social copy-trading offering where traders can mirror trades that other traders are putting in place. Even if cMirror is not advertised, it is offered by every firm that offers cTrader suite because it comes as a complete package. cMirror is yet to gain huge popularity as compared to the other social copy-trading platforms. However, if you wish to copy trade from any signal provider, then cMirror is the ideal platform.

Automated Trading

The platform has a feature known as cAlgo that is responsible for automated trading. It is a desktop application that traders use to create trading systems. The application creates automatic orders in the brokerage account based on information that is keyed in by the trader. cAlgo is becoming popular due to the ability to change the source code form other platforms to the c# format. This is made possible through the MQ4 to C# converter tool.

Support Resources

The platform has its own unique email feature where the users get to give their feedback about trading using the platform. This feature is found on no other platform apart from cTrader. The purpose of this feature is to know what the consumers (users) expect and want from the platform. The feedback that they receive from the users is key in the development of the platform and making it better for use.


The platform HTML 5 powered and mobile friendly. The platform has a responsive web design that is compatible on computers, mobile phones and web based. This makes it easy to use on any gadget and at any time. The compatibility with mobile phones is a very key aspect because most people in the modern society are always on their phones. Trading can therefore take place anywhere the trader wishes, be it at home or in a taxi or at the movies, all that they require is a mobile phone and they are good to go.


The cTrader is an exemplary trading tool that was developed in 2010 with an aim of dominating the trading sector. Its subtle appearance makes it easy to use for long hours and most part of the week. Its ease of use makes it an ideal tool for traders to use since they can make trades at the click of a button. Its compatibility with various operating systems makes it able to be widely used on different gadgets.


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